Phlog Egypt launches its first e-photography platform that connects photographers with buyers

Egypt – Phlog launched its photo buyer platform that connects buyers and photographers worldwide. This platform enables photo buyers from marketing experts, agencies, and art lovers to purchase images for use in their designs or articles or their enjoyment.

Phlog is the first online platform of its kind in Egypt. It builds a community that motivates photographers to be creative and contributes to creating sustainable income for them. In addition, it helps brands tell their stories through the lenses of that community’s photographers.

The platform provides its services through two electronic applications. The first is the photographers’ application, which was launched on a trial basis in March 2022 and succeeded in reaching more than 21,000 users. This application had 23,000 photos uploaded to the application in the first 9 months of its launch.

A large number of prominent and influential personalities in the community attended the launch ceremony. The characters on this platform support artistic expression and believe in the concept.
During the ceremony, attendees enjoyed many interactive activities related to photography and artistic and musical performances. In addition, they experienced the application with the help of the Phlog technical support team.

“We seek to advance the content and photography industry in Egypt. The volume of purchasing images from websites globally reached $4bn in 2022. It is expected to reach $7bn by 2027,” said Khaled Taher, the founder, and CEO of Phlog.

Phlog organized many workshops to develop the capabilities of photographers on the application, in cooperation with the most prominent professional photographers such as photographer Nour Al-Rifai, Yahya Al-Alayli, and others, in addition to an exclusive photography workshop with famous photographer Kokla Refaat to photograph the artworks for the second edition of “Forever is Now” in the pyramids of Giza.

Phlog hosted the English photographer and international content creator “Max Glover” for a week to promote tourism in Egypt. He photographed the most prominent tourist attractions in Cairo Governorate, followed by a workshop for street photographers using the “Light Trails” technique.

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