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Introducing Telawa: The First Islamic Social App for Quran Reading and Khatma Management

In an age where technology intertwines with daily life, the launch of Telawa marks a significant milestone for the Islamic community. Telawa is an innovative app designed to enhance the spiritual practice of reading the Quran through social interaction and collective participation in Khatma.

What is Telawa?

Telawa is a pioneering social application tailored for Muslims worldwide. It provides a unique platform where users can create and manage Khatma— the complete reading of the Quran—either privately or publicly. This app allows individuals to join forces, read together, and complete the holy book in a communal setting, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among participants.

Key Features of Telawa

  1. Ease of Khatma Creation: Users can start a Khatma in just a few clicks, inviting friends or family to participate, or they can join existing public Khatmas organized by others.
  2. Real-Time Interaction: The app facilitates live interactions among users, enhancing the experience of reading the Quran together. Participants can discuss and share insights, further enriching their understanding.
  3. Versatile Reading Options: Telawa offers various display options for the Quran, such as Page view and Ayah view, accommodating different reading preferences and making it easier for everyone to follow along, regardless of their reading level.
  4. Offline Accessibility: Users can download the sections of the Quran they need, enabling them to read and participate in Khatmas without the requirement of an internet connection.
  5. Competition and Memorization: The app also introduces a competitive element by allowing users to form groups to compete in finishing and memorizing the Quran. This feature aims to motivate users and promote regular reading and reflection on the Quranic text.

Why Telawa Stands Out

Telawa is not just an app; it is a community builder. It leverages technology to reconnect people with their faith in a modern and accessible way. By providing a platform for collective Quran reading, Telawa helps strengthen the bonds within the Muslim community, encouraging cooperation and mutual support in achieving spiritual goals.


As the first app of its kind, Telawa is set to revolutionize how the Quran is read and experienced in a digital age. Whether you seek to complete the Quran on your own, with loved ones, or within a larger community, Telawa provides all the tools you need to engage deeply with your faith, making every reading a shared and supported journey.

For those interested in exploring this innovative app, visit Telawa.app to learn more and download the application. Embrace the change, and be part of a global community of believers who are turning to Telawa to enrich their spiritual lives.

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